Man Makes His Dog Sleep In Front Of The Door For Very Important Reason

USMC Veteran Kenny Bass was wounded by an IED blast while out on patrol in Iraq, and suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), hearing loss, Behcet’s Disease, and multiple other physical injuries as result.

After battling with the fallout from his combat experience for years, he was prescribed a service dog. The VA would not cover the costs, so he ended up raising the funds himself and got Atlas. Atlas is trained to help mitigate Kenny’s symptoms. Atlas’ training gives Kenny peace of mind and lets him relax in social situations and at home.

The service dog has transformed Kenny’s life and inspired him, along with several friends, to found The Battle Buddy Foundation that will place trained, certified service dogs with veterans, at no cost.

Kenny and Atlas’ story shows what a difference a service dog can make in a vet’s life!

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