Dancers’ Spellbinding Act Makes Judges Jumping To Their Feet On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

When these dancers first stepped on stage of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ I thought the duo might be about to perform a traditional type dance, but I was so wrong! Instead, Another Kind Of Blue pushes the boundaries of our imagination with an exciting routine that combines dance, technology and theatre! It begins with what looks like a dining room projected onto a large screen as the backdrop on the stage.

As Violet, 23, and Nino, 28, begin to dance, they suddenly fall to the floor. Lying on the ground, the two dancers embark on a journey as they interact with the projected imagery on the wall behind them. The dancers create the illusion that they are floating, climbing, and flying!

It’s hard to describe, but it’s thrilling to watch. The judges and audience were spellbound throughout the performance until the very end at which point everyone gave the dancers a standing ovation.

You’ve got to watch it for yourself! Enjoy and share it if you thought it was as imaginative as everyone else!

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