Police Wrangle 11-Foot Alligator After Couple Finds It Swimming In Their Pool

“Just no.” That’s how the The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office described a rather unusual call they made to a Florida couple’s home and discovered an 11 foot (3m) alligator in their pool.

The large alligator broke through a garden fence to enjoy a late-night swim in a couple’s indoor swimming pool.

Homeowner Patricia Carver said her husband woke her up when he heard strange noises coming at their home and when they looked out into their backyard they saw the alligator’s head poking out of their swimming pool.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office

Low water levels in the nearby lagoon are thought to be the reason the reptile was able to venture into the pool, but police are not certain how it got in to the screened-off area.

Deputies and animal control officers arrived and managed to wrangle the reptile out of the pool.

They shared a video of the trapper pulling him from the pool.

Shortly after, they pulled the large beast back to the lagoon where he belongs!

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office

While most people would freak out at such a sight, the Sheriff’s department later joked about it, saying it’s just another day at the job.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office

“Understand it’s just a Florida Thing! We wear bathing suits & flip flops year-round. We buy sunscreen in bulk and well, we ride gators growing up.”

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