Woman Amazed When Three Lynx Cross Road, Shocked When More Keep Coming

A woman driving home in Alaska had an amazing wildlife encounter when she spotted a family of lynx crossing the road in front of her.

She immediately stops and takes in the sight of the large-pawed wild cats bouncing across the snow and onto the street. “Oh my gosh, in my neighborhood,” she says out loud. But she lets out a startled “what?” when 17 seconds in she looks to her right and sees another one.

The surprises keep coming and she can’t believe her eyes when she sees another and then another! “Well, that’s a treat and a half,” she proclaims once the entire family has crossed the road.

Seeing all the wild cats out foraging for food immediately reminds her “I better go home and get my cat.”

What an unusual and rare sight! Watch and share this video with your animal-loving friends!

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