Woman Rescues Skunk From Pool And Revives Her By Giving Her A Cuddle

A skunk got the help she needed when he became trapped in a backyard pool. Renate Reabel noticed the skunk swimming in her pool of her home in Ontario, Canada. The pool has been closed for the winter, and was unheated. The skunk was exhausted so she fished the animal out with a pool leaf scoop. The skunk was so tired and cold that she could barely lift her head.

Renate told CTV News she wrapped the animal in a towel and warm blanket and held her close for about an hour to try and warm her up and eventually she “picked herself up, pulled herself out of the warm cocoon, ate the berries and and honey I left for her then took off.”

Renate was surprised but pleased the skunk survived. All thanks to her efforts!

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