Pregnant Opossum Refuses To Stop Clinging To The Humans Who Saved Her Babies

Judy Obregon knows about rescuing animals. As founder of The Abandoned Ones “Saving Animals in Danger”, a dog rescue in Fort Worth, Texas, Judy has saved many dogs from terrible situations. However, while out driving last week, Judy stumbled across another animal in need of a rescue – a pregnant opossum.


Photo credit: The Abandoned Ones

At first, she assumed the opossum was dead when she saw it lying on the road. But then she saw the animal lift her head. “I immediately had to react and driving away isn’t an option, no way !!” she wrote on Facebook.

She noticed that the opossum was possibly pregnant and looked like she had been hit with a rock on her head. She knew she had to get the injured animal off the middle of the street and to safety.


Photo credit: The Abandoned Ones

She managed to get the opossum to the side of the road and wrapped the opossum in a tshirt. She then called for help, and reached Tabatha, a local wildlife rehabilitator, who was close by.

While she waited for Tabatha, Judy got a box and coaxed the opossum into it. That moment is captured in the video below:

“If it’s one thing I can’t handle more less watch is an animal suffering,” Judy wrote. She named the opossum Angel.

When Tabatha arrived, she confirmed the opossum had joeys in her pouch. She noted that Angel had not been hit by a car, but she had been struck with something, most likely a BB gun pellet, as she had some broken teeth and an injured eye.

“The pellet may have went through her eye or side of mouth due to the missing teeth,” explained Judy. “Injuries also show that after shot, they didn’t stop there meaning they attempted to do more harm by hitting her with a stick or rocks.”


Photo credit: The Abandoned Ones

Although no infection seemed present, Angel was put on antibiotics. Her rescuers were relieved when she started drinking water and eating shortly after her rescue.

“Six babies counted in her pouch and due to her will to survive ( momma ) the babies will remain in her pouch,” updated Judy.

Angel will now need a lot of peace and quiet and rest to heal from her injuries.

Reflecting on the rescue, Judy said she would do it again in a heartbeat.

“I’m familiar with opossums playing dead, in this case when I saw her head lift up she wasn’t! I still can’t get the image out of my head, and can’t imagine the suffering she went through before I found her.”


Photo credit: The Abandoned Ones

“She may not be one of my typical rescues, but still is an animal with a heartbeat. A living soul that did nothing wrong to anyone and yet struggling to survive…”

“When we talk about saving a life, this is one that not only brought tears to my eyes, but also reminded why I belong in rescue,” Judy wrote. “Regardless of breed, dog, cat, we rescue. Ignoring an animal suffering is not an option and should never be.”

Angel had some angels of her own looking out for her. Share this rescue story with your friends and family if you too believe that every animal matters.

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