Lone Wolf Attacking Moose Captured In Amazing Drone Footage

Incredible wildlife footage of a wolf and moose battling on the edge of a lake was captured by a drone in Northern Ontario.

Dan Nsystedt was filming some scenic shots with his drone when he was excited to see a moose. But just as he was leaving “something unexpected took place”.

The lone wolf must have been desperately hungry to attack the large moose alone and is seen jumping onto the moose in the water. He latches on to the moose’s leg and the moose spins and kicks in the water trying to get the wolf to let go.

Even after the moose breaks free, the wolf is unrelenting and swims after him, determined to catch his prey. After several minutes of pursuit, the wolf is tiring and at around 4:23 he seems to sense the drone as he looks over his shoulder at the drone/noise. Sensing something watching him, the wolf swims back to shore and is seen with another wolf on train tracks. He wasn’t alone after all!

The last shot is the moose swimming away into the middle of the lake – safe for another day. Share this incredible animal encounter with your friends and family!