White Rhino Calf Joyfully Plays In the Snow For The Very First Time

Born on Christmas Eve, this young White Rhino Calf was born at the Toronto Zoo. The Canadian city has its share of snow, but this baby has never seen it before – until now.

His gleeful reaction to the snow is something to see and he does everything you’d expect a child to do!

Both calf and mom are being kept away from the public eye for the time being, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t cameras to catch sweet moments like this.

Born on Christmas Eve, the calf hasn’t got a name yet and the zoo has asked for the public’s help and offered up three options.

Kwesi – Means ‘Born on Sunday’ in Akan
Theodore – ‘Starting with T for dad Tom’
Matumaini – Means ‘Hope’ in Swahili

The unnamed baby is part of the White Rhinoceros Species Survival Plan (SSP) – a global plan to conserve the rhino which is critically endangered in the wild due to poaching.

“The Toronto Zoo is part of the White Rhinoceros Species Survival Plan (SSP), which aims to establish and maintain healthy, genetically diverse populations, and overall conservation efforts to save this incredible species,” the zoo said in a release.

Although it is far from ideal that he and his mom be kept in captivity, a baby rhino, no matter where he is born, is cause for celebration among conservationists trying to keep the species from extinction.

Update: The name officially selected was “Theodore”. Hello Theodore!

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