Veterinarian Helps Paralyzed Dog After Family Was Forced To Give Her Away

What is usually a season of happiness for most families, became one of sadness for David and Sumey Hageman after their dog got hurt. They were faced with the “hardest decision of their lives” when their Dachshund Lola became paralyzed in her back legs just before Christmas. They made the heartbreaking decision to give their 4-year-old dog to a rescue group because they could not afford the $6000 surgery to fix her back.

That was going to be the end to this sad story, until a veterinarian decided to help. Michael Wong, at Southeast Veterinary Neurology in Miami, Florida, was performing the emergency surgery on Lola when he learned her parents had been forced to give her up. He right away knew he wanted to do something for her family and waived his fee and asked the rescue group to give Lola back to her family.

Sumey was overjoyed and in tears when she was reunited with Lola and said it was the best Christmas gift she had ever gotten.

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