Retiring Military Veteran Horses Provided Loving Homes After They Have Served

Quincy is a member of an elite squad of horses called the U.S. Army Caisson Platoon. He, and the other horses in his platoon, have participated in thousands of funerals for Arlington National Cemetery. But when they retire from the army, the horses need a place to live out their golden years where they will be treated with love and respect. That’s why the Caisson Adoption Project was established. The program pairs veteran horses with human veterans.

“They spend so much time on making a decision to ensure that these horses will be taken care of for their lifespan,” George Whitaker says. Whitaker should know. The retired army veteran adopted Quincy. After learning Quincy suffers from navicular disease (a chronic condition caused by nerve damage in the hooves), Whitaker was committed to making sure Quincy had a comfortable place to retire to and arranged for him to live on a farm, which specialized in rehabilitation for horses like Quincy.

“Quincy will spend the rest of his life on the farm as my companion,” Whitaker says. “As long as he has a quality of life, he will live [here] on the farm forever.”

It’s wonderful to see these veteran horses are being well looked after. Share this wonderful project with your friends and family.

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