Teen’s Random Act Of Kindness For Toddler At Target Leaves Mom Stunned

Two-year-old Kinley Shufflebarger was scouring the toy aisle in the Target in Lafayette, Indiana looking for her birthday present. She found the perfect doll and it was the last one left on the shelf. Before she had time to call her mom over to get it a young man walked over and asked her which one was her favorite. She pointed to the blonde one she liked and he picked it up and walked away.

Kinley was disappointed her pick was taken away, but her mom, Megan, reminded her that there would be other dolls to choose from. But both of them were surprised when the young man returned and handed Kinley the toy and the receipt and told her to have a “very happy birthday”.

Megan had to take a photo of the generous stranger with her daughter as a keepsake and later posted it to Facebook, saying, “What a reminder to never lose faith in humanity and to be generous and pay it forward. To this generous and humble young man, whoever you are, I hope you see this and more importantly, I hope you know what a good young man you are.”


Photo credit: Facebook

After many shares and positive comments, someone mentioned that the mysterious young man was none other than Tario Fuller II, a freshman football player at Purdue University. Soon the university was chiming in with thousands of others saying they “couldn’t be more proud” of him.

Megan says Tario’s kind act has already inspired her children to want to do something good for others and believes it will inspire others to pay it forward as well. “This one act of kindness has likely generated thousands of smiles, softened many hearts and inspired others,” says Megan. “That in and of itself makes my heart full and happy.”

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