Teen’s Chance Encounter On Country Road Ends Up Saving Starving Horse’s Life

A chance encounter on a country road ended up saving a horse’s life. Teenager Kelsey Allonge and her mother were driving to a swap meet early one morning when her mom decided to take a different route. That’s when they saw a young horse eating grass on the side of the rural road.

The horse was starving and looked like she had been abused. They guessed that she must have broken free from wherever she had been to find food, she was so hungry.

Looking her over, the mother and daughter didn’t think the horse was going to make it, but they knew they couldn’t leave her there to die. They went to get a trailer but the horse wouldn’t get into it.

She was so weak that she fell into a ditch and couldn’t get up on her own. It was as if the horse had given up. But Kelsey wasn’t ready to give up on the horse. She decided there wasn’t anything else to do but to walk the horse she named Sunny the full nine miles home.

Although Sunny survived the walk, Kelsey didn’t know if Sunny would make it through the next few days. But what happened next is absolutely amazing. Wait until you learn the rest of what this wonderful young lady did to save Sunny! And don’t forget to share Kelsey and Sunny’s amazing story with your friends!

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