Teen Who Trekked Every Day To School At 4:30AM Gets Big Surprise After Grad Day Photo Goes Viral

Nothing was going to keep teenager Corey Patrick from his high school graduation. But he had no way of knowing that a photo of him taken by a stranger that day would lead to a series of surprises that would change his life.

Nineteen-year-old Corey Patrick spent the entire school year waking up at 4:30 a.m. in order to catch the bus that would take him to Tarrant High School on time.

The Alabama teen would walk from home to his bus stop to make the 5:41 a.m. bus. After school he’d make the same long trip home, meaning he’d return home around 7 p.m.

His family recently moved to another part of town just before his senior year and neither he or his family have a car.

But Corey was determined to finish high school alongside his friends. Finally, graduation day arrived and Corey donned his cap and gown and began making his daily morning trek. That’s when a bus driver spotted him and snapped a photo.

That photo went viral on social media and would begin a series of surprising changes for Corey. When the picture came to the attention of local radio DJ Rickey Smiley, the radio host asked his fans to help identify and locate hime.

That’s when Corey was about to get a big surprise.

You can watch more of Corey’s story and interview in an earlier interview (before he gets the car) below.

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