Surfing Dogs Are About To Collide When One Dog Pulls Off Epic Move

Surfing dogs have become a popular sight in California, but no one in the crowd of the recent World Dog Surfing Championships saw this coming!

Two dogs on surfboards are riding a wave towards shore as the crowd cheers them on, but suddenly one of the dog’s surfboards careens towards the other dog’s board and it looks like they are going to collide. But suddenly the dog pulls off an epic move! (11 seconds in on the video below)

Michael Schmatz was one of the spectators and caught the exciting action and filmed the moment from a different angle (see below).

Surfing dogs collide

Screenshot via Rumble

He wrote, “I was attending the second annual World Dog surfing Championships in Pacifica, California when we caught this epic moment.”

Spectators also caught a large whale breaching in the background and saw Pickles the Surfing Pig too! All in all, it looks like everyone had fun “hanging ten” with the dogs, whales and pig!

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