Stray Dog With Tumor Weighing Like A Heavy Chain Around Her Neck Finally Rescued

Agnes had been wandering the streets of Karditsa, Greece for 6 months with a massive growth on her neck.

The 7-year-old mixed-breed dog had received mixed treatment while living on the streets. Some villagers had fed her, others tried scaring her, and some fired guns at her.

But what stood out for everyone who saw her was the huge mass hanging from her neck. The 4-pound tumor pulled Agnes’ head down and made her ear hang weirdly. Finally, someone from the village contacted Greek Animal Rescue (GAR) in hopes of saving her.

At first, Agnes was wary of her rescuers. But when their intentions became clear, Agnes welcomed the help. “She put her head up and it was as if she was smiling at us,” said Ermioni. “It was a precious moment.”

When the tumor from her neck was removed, Agnes was finally able to lift her head and her ears immediately went back to their normal position.

Agnes would go on to make a full recovery thanks to her wonderful caregivers. Not only that, she found the loving home she deserves!

Watch her amazing rescue story in the video below.

Please note: Some images of Agnes at the start of this video may be graphic to underage or sensitive viewers.

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