Family Says Image Of Solar Eclipse Looks Just Like Their Dog

Many people were left in awe looking at images of the recent solar eclipse. But one family was laughing after seeing a photo of the eclipse that they say looks exactly like their dog.

The photo reveals the sun with the moon partially covering it, among the clouds. But when you put the photo alongside of the Magariello family’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Cody, well the resemblance is clear.

When your aunts dog looks like the solar eclipse from funny

“We always knew Cody was a little out there,” Nina Magariello, mother of two, told “He is kind of a crazy dog.”

The photo was taken by a co-worker of her husband, Mark, and when he showed the picture to Mark, he couldn’t believe it. Their children thought the photo was fake and Nina thought their reaction was hilarious, but admitted that “seeing your dog in the sky is very random.” Since the celestial event, Cody and the eclipse photo have become a viral sensation. Do you see the similarities? I’d say it’s pretty darn close!

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