No One Stopped To Help Sick Husky Left On Highway Until Finally One Person Turned Around

People kept driving by a very sick, very young Siberian Husky on a busy highway but no one stopped to help. Until, one kind-hearted person saw her and turned around to save her.

The Good Samaritan stopped for Miracle and put the 1-year-old dog in the back of her car and brought her to the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter in California.

Andrea Neyses

Animal shelter volunteer, Andrea Neyses shared Miracle’s story on Facebook along with heartbreaking photos of Miracle. The young dog was suffering from a terrible skin condition and obviously had been neglected for some time.

“Miracle had gotten away from a horrible home of neglect who allowed her to get in this condition in her short 1 year old life. Miracle is full of sores, cuts and mange? Yet she’s so sweet and loving, grateful of touch.”

Miracle came to the attention of Leave No Paws Behind Rescue who knew the sweet dog needed immediate medical attention if she was going to survive, as it was likely she would be euthanized shortly because of her poor condition.

“Oh how cute is this sweet little puppy, and it hurts our hearts to know the horror she has known at such a young age,” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

Leave No Paws Behind Rescue

They pulled her from the shelter and immediately brought her to The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks for medical care.

“Even with all the very obvious abuse and neglect she has known, that limp little tail still wags,” the rescue wrote.

“We are waiting on blood tests results however, doc tells us she is doing good and even though she cowers at the sight of a raised human hand, she was rubbing all over the doc’s legs this morning looking for love OR perhaps it is her way of thanking them at The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks for taking such great care of her and protecting her from all harm.”

Leave No Paws Behind Rescue

Miracle’s blood work came back showing that she is anemic, malnourished and has protein in her urine. She also came back positive for demodex mange. They are awaiting further results to determine if she has ringworm or another fungal-type infection.

The tiny pup’s gorgeous blue eyes have won over her everyone who meets her.

Leave No Paws Behind Rescue

Doctors feel confident that once they get her back on her feet she will be in great. In other great news Miracle “has a foster to adopt in place as soon as she is medically cleared.”

Leave No Paws Behind Rescue said that they have every confidence Miracle will thrive now that she is in good hands. “Oh, I have to tell you this little girl is such a love, and she so wants to trust us mere humans, AND we have assured her she is now SAFE from all harm and that pretty soon she is gonna feel GREAT and can finally be the playful pup she was meant to be.”

To find out more about the dogs in Leave No Paws Behind Rescue’s care, visit their website.