Rude Neighbor Bullies Elderly Couple And Pays The Price

It seems to be happening more and more. A developer or rich neighbor is building a new home and decides to take some short cuts to make the project cheaper, easier or increase their property’s value at the expense of the neighborhood.

They might chop down a neighbor’s tree without permission because it blocks their view. Or maybe they skip getting a building permit or two for that extra garage. Or as in this story, they build part of their driveway over their neighbor’s property line without asking, because it was cheaper and easier to do it that way.

But the elderly couple who were the victim of this particular rudeness weren’t going to let him get away with it. Actually, it was a friend of theirs that came up with a brilliant idea.

Redditor diypackraft shared this story of visiting his friend at his dad’s house in a small town in Canada and learning what happened to the rude neighbor who built his driveway over a kindly elderly couple’s property.

diypackraft sets the scene, writing, “Imagine two lots next to each other on the uphill side of a road with the property boundary perpendicular to the road. The older couple live on the left when you’re looking uphill. The new driveway is for the property on the right, and it snakes up the hill in a (roughly) S shape. The bottom 50 feet or so of the driveway crosses the old couple’s land to reach the road.”

And now onto the story:

Build a driveway across someone else’s property without permission? Pay the price. from r/ProRevenge

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