Stray Dog Who Was Victim Of Children’s Cruelty Loses His Voice But Not His Spirit

Romeo was one of the millions of strays in Greece that was unlucky enough to stumble upon the worst in human nature.

“He was spotted by a rescuer in the town of Nafplion, while he was being dragged from a rope around his neck by three Gypsy Roma kids,” Valia with The Orphan Pet writes of his rescue. “The embedded wire in his neck had already made him lose is voice, and the injuries were so bad, that Romeo risked dying from the damage that was done to his esophagus and trachea.”

Romeo was rushed to an emergency vet where he went through a 6 hour operation to repair the damage to his neck, and miraculously he pulled through. “Today he is a happy, healthy boy,” Valia writes. “He is in the care of one of the best rescuers I know [Linda], and is gaining back his trust in people. When you call him, you can see that he wants to come to you, but is too afraid to approach on his own. The amazing thing is that his best friend is Giorgos, a 17 year old Roma boy, that helps Linda with her rescue dogs.”

“He reminds us a lot of Oliver – apart from the size and color, the look in his eyes and his discreet manners bring back memories of one of our most beloved rescues,” Valia says. Romeo is about 18 months old and very sweet and calm and is ready for his forever home.

Note: video contains some graphic imagery that may be disturbing to some viewers.

Watch Romeo’s rescue and recovery in the video below.

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