Rescued Dog Becomes Best Friends With Rescued Rat

Osiris and Riff Rat are an unusual pair. The 3-year-old Dutch Shepherd is best friends with a 3-month-old rat and lets the rodent crawl into his mouth and clean his teeth and play with him.

Their unusual friendship began when Osiris’ parents rescued Riff Ratt when he was 4 weeks old. The baby fancy rat had not yet opened his eyes and they had to nurse him back to health with a syringe.

Osiris knows a thing or two about being rescued. The dog was abandoned in a parking lot when he was just a puppy. His parents took him in as a foster, and ended up keeping him. Now 3-years-old, Osiris is a trained therapy dog and has helped his family look after lots of different animals.

His family had a few initial misgivings about introducing the two, but they need not have worried because the two rescued animals bonded right away!

“Riff Ratt really likes licking the inside of Osiris’ mouth. I’m sure you all are wondering if we’re afraid Osiris will eat Riff – NOPE! Osiris has helped foster and care for dozens of animals and he is the gentlest dog I’ve ever met,” writes their parents.

Check out just how close these two are in the adorable photos below!

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