Retired Military Working Dog Meets His First Kitten

Chef, a retired Military Working Dog (H067), has never met a kitten before he’s introduced to this adorable fluff ball. But all it takes is a few sniffs and Chef is absolutely smitten with his new friend.

“This particular [cat] has grown and was adopted out, however we did keep one from the litter and the 2 of them love each other, Chef’s human Louisa Vaughan writes: “He is so gentle and sweet now that he has figured out what a kitten is. Believe me I would have in no way put the kittens in danger if I would have thought for one minute that Chef would have harmed them. Chef is a kind and gentle soul who has fought for our country and is now loving retirement.”

That’s so sweet. I’m glad Chef has a buddy to enjoy retirement with! Share this cute video with your friends and family.

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