Homeless Baby Rabbits Get Into A Tight Spot And Need A Helping Hand

Hope For Paws doesn’t just rescue dogs, they rescue homeless rabbits too. The seasoned animal rescuers were called to a home when a bunny family – mom, dad and babies moved in.

The adult rabbits were hopping around the street when Hope For Paws arrived – not a safe situation for any rabbit let alone a domesticated one.

But with a few well-placed vegetables the dad and mom bunnies were easy to catch. The babies, however, proved a little more difficult to catch as they were hiding under a shed.

One by one, Loretta and Eldad worked to free the baby bunnies. They managed to nab two, but the rest wouldn’t come out. The remaining pair hid under a shed and refused to budge. Thankfully, the owner kindly let the rescuers break through the floor of her shed to get to the babies.

It was a dirty job trying to get them out, and at one point Eldad has to pull out an electric saw. But as they get closer to freeing them, the babies panic and try to dig their way out! The more he sawed, the more the bunnies were scared.

Watch how the last two bunnies are saved in the heartwarming video below and be sure to share it with your friends.