Puppy Recovering After Being Found With Mouth Bound Shut

Just days after an arrest was made in the case of Caitlyn, a South Carolina dog found with her muzzle taped shut, a Pit Bull puppy was found wandering around the streets of Laplace, Louisiana with his muzzle also tightly wrapped shut.

Similar to Caitlyn, the puppy now named Otis, had his mouth taped shut with electrical chord for at least two days. He also had cloth tied around his neck damaging his neck and broken bones in his front leg. He must have broken off whatever he was tied with and escaped his terrible predicament when he was spotted by a Good Samaritan in their front yard.

The person who found him and immediately unwound the tape so he could breath and brought him to St. John the Baptist Parish Animal Shelter for help.


Otis being taken from the shelter. Photo credit: Animal Helper

The shelter reached out to Animal Helper, a 501c3 animal rescue located in New Orleans and asked if they could help with the 10-week-old puppy. When they picked him up, they noted, “He’s scared of loud noises. He gives kisses & immediately played with a toy in the car.”

Animal Helper brought him to veterinarian Ashley Geoghegan for care and she removed the necrotic tissue and patched him up. Luckily there was no permanent damage to the inside of his mouth or tongue.


Photo credit: VetNaturally

Geoghegan noted that Otis’ abuse could have been a copy-cat incident from Caitlyn or it could be that he was being prepped as a bait dog by dog fighters. In either instance, it’s a disturbing trend and authorities are determined to find whomever is responsible.

St. John the Baptist Parish Animal Shelter is offering a reward for information and posted on Facebook: “Does anyone living near Manchester Dr. In Laplace recognize this puppy? Please know this is not acceptable. It’s not a fad or something cool to do. It is cruel, and this puppy is lucky someone found him/her and rushed him/her to us as quickly as they did.”


Photo credit: Animal Helper

Otis was found on June 4, 2015 and is believed to have been tied up near Manchester in Laplace. Animal Helper said that “Laplace is not that big” and hopes someone with information will come forward so that the person(s) responsible for abusing Otis will be arrested and charged.


Photo credit: Vetnaturally / Facebook

Otis has been released into foster care and the little puppy is great with kids, cats, and dogs. Once he has healed and been neutered he will be up for adoption.


Otis in the arms of his foster family. Photo credit: Animal Helper

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