Pregnant Dog Looking For Help Collapses In Bushes Near Animal Shelter

A pregnant stray dog instinctively knew where to go to find help, but too exhausted by her condition, she collapsed in the bushes just 100 feet (30 meters) away from a nearby animal shelter.

Rescuers at the Serbian shelter, Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, heard the dog whining in the distance and went to investigate. Searching through a thorny, densely bushed meadow they finally located the source of the whining.

A white and black dog was hiding in the thick undergrowth, unable to move. She was swollen and weighed down by her pregnant belly.

The expectant mother may have been drawn to the sound of the shelter because of the dogs barking. It was clear from her breasts filled with milk that she was about to give birth at any time.

Gently, the rescuer picked her up and brought her back to their nearby shelter. They found a quiet peaceful place for her and that very night she gave birth to 8 healthy puppies!

She and her puppies are so lucky they were found when they were. The puppies will have a much better chance of finding homes now that they are with the shelter.

Watch the mama’s rescue in the touching video below and share it with your animal-loving friends.

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