Police Officer Rescues Pregnant Mastiff And Goes Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty

Cleveland Police Officer John Lyons sometimes brings his work home with him and when he does he saves lives. The officer lives and works in Cleveland’s Fourth District to help keep the neighborhoods safe and that includes rescuing homeless animals he finds discarded and starving in the streets.

He often comes across neglected and abused dogs on the job and brings them back to the jail until his shift is over. He then brings them home and goes to work to find the dogs loving homes.

It was while out on patrol one evening in 2013, he spotted a very sickly Mastiff mix. Not only was she in rough shape, she was very pregnant.


Photo credit: John Lyons

He knew she needed help right away so he managed to catch her and bring her to Westpark Animal Hospital to be looked at.


Photo credit: John Lyons

He named the dog Clarice and brought her home with him, so that he could watch over her leading up to the birth of her puppies. He set up a special, comfortable area in his garage for her.


Photo credit: John Lyons

A photo of him sleeping by Clarice’s side as she prepared to give birth went super viral!


Photo credit: John Lyons

When the time came, John was right there to help Clarice deliver a litter of 7 puppies.


Photo credit: John Lyons

Here’s a video of Clarice just before giving birth to her puppies.

And here is one after she has given birth.

Knowing the mother-to-be needed rescue, he contacted Amy’s Adoptables to see if they would help him and when all the puppies were weaned, they all went to loving homes! Clarice is one happy mama!


What an awesome officer and rescuer! Share Officer Lyon’s kind action with your family and friends.

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