Sweet Pit Bull Performs Charming Dance Routine With Her Mom

This Pit Bull and her owner turn on the charm with their adorable freestyle dance routine “The First Butterfly”!

Olga Dudareva is a dog trainer in Russia and teaches obedience for dogs. She also enjoys dancing with her pup, as the video below demonstrates.

The video opens with the pair outside in a yard. Olga is dressed as a butterfly and the tan and white Pit Bull watches her intently from a few feet away. The dog is waiting for Olga’s signal to begin the rehearsal. The second Olga says the command, the dog inches closer and closer until she’s right by her mom’s side.

The two perform a series of intricate footwork techniques that typically make up musical canine freestyle. The dog watches Olga’s every step and keeps perfectly in synch with her. She also weaves in between Olga’s legs and sits on her haunches. And the move at 1:43? It’s fantastic and such a crowd pleaser!

Throughout it all you can tell the dog is loving it. She’s positively giddy. And her posture, her happy tail and her attentiveness indicate just how much she is enjoying the activity with her mom.

There are usually Border Collies and Australian Shepherds in the videos of dog dancing competitions that we’ve seen. We’ve even seen a Newfoundland Dog perform. But we’ve never see a Pit Bull performing musical freestyle before now. It’s wonderful to see a dog from this much-maligned breed showing off her skills and smarts with her mom!

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