Abused Pit Bull Who Was Set On Fire Now Has One Very Special Purpose In Life

Army Corporal Derek Butler came back from Iraq with severe post traumatic stress disorder. After years of treatment, medications and coming close to divorce, he turned to the non-profit organization, C.A.M.O., for help getting a service dog.

He was shown several possible PTSD service dogs, but did not click with any of them. Then, on a whim, the trainer brought in Phoenix, a Pit Bull who had been abused as a puppy.

Phoenix’s previous owner had tied him to a tree, beat him until he broke his bones and doused him with kerosine and set him on fire. Somehow, the puppy survived his horrible ordeal, and was taken in and trained by C.A.M.O.

A short time later, the two survivors met and instantly bonded. Since then, Phoenix has been a “rockstar” not only for Butler but also as a shining example of what Pit Bulls (and rescue dogs) can do if given a second chance!

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