These Loving Pets Are The Spark Of Hope For The Homeless

There are close to a million homeless people in North America and of those living without a roof over their heads, up to 10% have pets. The dog and cat companions of the homeless provide them with comfort and unconditional love, and in return, they have someone they can love and care for. As the video below explains, “Pets are only spark of hope in the lives of the homeless.”

However, with many shelters refusing pets, homeless people with pets sacrifice what little shelter they could have in order to keep their animals. With this daily struggle for food and shelter, life on the streets takes its toll on the health of both human and animal.

That’s where organizations such as Pets of The Homeless come in. They, and organizations like them, work to give veterinary care and food to the pets of homeless people. Just as with stray animals, vaccinations, spay and neutering and food are essential to the health of the homeless pet population and these kind-hearted individuals provide much needed help.

Watch the video below, compiled by Madi Donham, to see how organizations like these help homeless people care for their loved ones.

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