Pet Fox Laughs Excitedly When He Greets His Human

Mr. Scamper de fox is so happy when he sees his human, he greets them with a really happy laugh.

Scamp is a domestic silver fox. He was not a wild fox, but his human took him in when he lost his home. His laugh is really unusual. His human explains that foxes have several kinds of laughs that reveal their mood:

“Screaming Laughter (Aahh-ha-ha-ha-ha) – Excitement or Relief.
Sounds similar to monkeys, with wagging tail, happy wee’s, usually combined with running round in excitement. Anthropromorphic translation: “Oh wow! This is totally amazing!”

“Fox Chuckle (Ha-ha-ha-ha) – Happiness or Greeting
Sounds similar to screaming laughter but is quieter and with much less energy. Anthropromorphic Translation: “I’m so happy”

Make sure your volume is turned up for this video.

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