Package Thief Receives Instant Dose Of Karma

This is the moment when one thief feels the painful slap of instant karma. Home security cameras captured this brazen theft in Bothell, Washington, featuring a clumsy thief attempting to steal UPS packages off someone’s porch.

A UPS van is seen delivering packages to a porch and only moments later a car pulls over the same house and a woman gets out of the passenger side of the vehicle and approaches the front porch attempting to steal the freshly delivered packages.

As the woman comes rushing through the yard to try and steal the packages, she lifts the packages only to find out that they are heavier than she thought. But as she grabs the packages and rushes to the car, karma strikes.

As you see in the video, the woman grabs the package and rushes to the car, but immediately slips on the grass and badly sprains her ankle when she falls on the ground!

She yelps and is clearly in pain and cannot get up on her own, so the driver of the vehicle eventually comes to help the woman, and carries her across the yard and into the car.

Unfortunately, the couple’s misfortune, however, does not dissuade them from stealing the packages.

The homeowner, Lizeth Ababneh, said that one of the packages contained medication for her husband and has filed a report with Snohomish County Sheriff’s office, who is currently investigating.

Here’s hoping karma strikes again soon and police check local hospitals for a woman checking in with a sprained or broken ankle and make a swift arrest.

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