Neighbor Offers Ride For Mom Who Walks 4 Hours Every Day To Get Her Son To And From School

Gabe Bellus has just begun the new school year but he admits he’s already a bit tired. That’s because he and his mom walk for roughly two miles to school and then home every day, a 45 minute trip each time.

Gabe’s mom, Kim, is a full-time student herself and can’t afford a car. Gabe can’t take a school bus, because state law prohibits school buses from picking up kids less than four miles from school. With no other options available, they walked. For Kim, this meant four hours of her day to bring and get Gabe to and from school.

While she didn’t mind the trip while the weather has been nice, she began to worry what would happen during winter.

It was while on one of their daily treks that Kim and Gabe’s situation was about to change for the better.

One of their neighbors recognized the pair from a news report that had recently aired about the mother and son. Becky Novotny is a mom herself and she stopped her car to ask the pair if she could give them a lift. Not only that, but she offered to take Gabe to school and bring him home every day.

“I’m a stay-at-home mom. I have three kids. If I was in the same situation, I’d think I want someone to help me,” Becky said. “It’s small town. You’re there for everybody.”

Kim is deeply grateful for Becky’s help, saying she had nowhere else to turn.

“I tried with the school. I tried with the administration,” she told KMTV. “I tried particularly with the school itself, so I greatly appreciate your guys’ help.”

Gabe also loves the new arrangement as he’s got a lot more energy for school and made new friends too!

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