Naughty Dog Shuns Walking With His Mom, Takes Hilarious Mud Bath Instead

This mischievous dog could use some lessons in recall. That’s because whenever he sees a mud puddle he completely ignores his human and plunge right in. And he’s not just dipping his feet in either.

In this hilarious video, Toby is out for a walk with his mom, Laura Rennie, and a group of other dogs when he runs ahead and discovers a huge mud puddle.

Laura is no doubt regretting bringing him along for a walk. She equally perplexed, and asks Toby “Why are you just sitting there?” when he looks up at her submerged in the dirty pond. But Toby just looks at her silently, his yellow face brown with mud, before going back to enjoying his mud bath! She can’t help but laugh at what he does next.

No wonder Laura describe’s Toby’s loves at “mud, water and sleeping” and has nicknamed him the “swamp dog”. Laura, who runs the dog walking business At Work? We Walk, has shared other videos of Toby the Swamp Dog, which reveal just how much he loves the mud, and not only in the winter months.

It’s a simple life for Toby. But it’s one that brings him much joy!

Of course he gets a good clean after his mud spa treatments. He sure looks like a different dog when he’s clean!

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