Dog Terrified After Kids Stole All Her Puppies Except One Gets Rescued

Hope For Paws was contacted by a woman who had spotted a scared dog on an enclosed property. Eldad Hagar wasn’t expecting to find the dog given all the noise and construction, but looking into a blue recycling bin he spotted two tiny shapes. “I spotted the dog (Zoe) and to my surprise I also found a puppy.”

Knowing that Zoe wouldn’t leave her baby behind, they managed to get close to her and earn her trust. When Eldad asked the construction workers where Zoe’s other puppies were he got a sad answer. “They told us that 4 days prior to our arrival, kids had stolen the other 5 puppies. We asked if they knew where we could find these kids, but they had no idea.”

After a short time, Zoe and puppy, Meadow, were heading to hospital and then continued on to their foster home with Shelter Hope Pet Shop where they are now looking for their forever homes.

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