Rescuers Save Stray Dog Injured And Dying In Abandoned Home

If it wasn’t for these rescuers regularly patrolling abandoned neighborhoods, this dog would surely have died. Erika and Sandro of South Side Street Dog Rescue in Houston, Texas were checking on the stray dogs in a Houston neighborhood when they noticed a familiar dog guarding an empty home, as if protecting it.

They went inside the home to investigate and found a female dog lying amongst the torn up foam.

Erika recognized the stray dog, she had named Moma, but had not seen her in a while. The poor dog had been torn up and bitten by other dogs. She had most likely been taken by dog fighters and used as a bait dog and then discarded afterwards.

Moma was dying and the two rescuers knew she needed emergency help. Lifting her up, blood and puss began seeping from her wounds as they rushed her to the car to take her to an emergency clinic for care.

Thankfully, Moma has pulled through her terrible ordeal and is now recovering in foster care with South Side Street Dog Rescue!


Photo credit: South Side Street Dog Rescue / Facebook

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Here is a much longer video documenting her recovery:

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