Marine Reunites With Puppy He Saved While in Afghanistan

Sgt. Jacob Fisher was on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan and doing a tower check on a military base when he was alerted that there was an animal in one of the wild animal traps they set. That’s when he met Jax. He took the the puppy in from the cold and within a week he knew he had to take the puppy home with him. Jax helped Fisher through tough times, lifting his spirits and cheering him up when he was having a bad day.

After his seven-month deployment, he returned home but he knew he would see Jax again thanks to support from SPCA International’s program Operation Baghdad Pups. When the day finally arrived for them to be reunited, Fisher brought his family along to meet his friend. He had not seen Jax for 2.5 months and hoped the dog he fell in love with would remember him, but he needn’t have worried!

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