Man Saves Trapped Turtle Drowning In Water

A man was enjoying a dive off the Maldives when he spotted a turtle in a desperate struggle for its life.

The turtle’s hind leg was entangled in a fishing net that was wrapped around a piece of coral. Struggling not only to get free, but to keep its head above water, the turtle was drowning.

HoHo de Farouq immediately went to the poor animal’s aid and watches as the the turtle swims away once he’s freed him from the net.

The filmer later told Newsflare: “It was sad I had to witness a poor turtle stuck in a net. Plastic pollution is a huge problem but we all can help. Reuse, refuse or recycle so that it does not end up in our ocean.” He adds, “Just imagine the number of turtles that might not be as lucky as this one.”

Thankfully, for this turtle, its life was saved thanks to this diver being in the right place at the right time.

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