Man Reunites With A Gorilla He Raised As His Own Son And Released Into The Wild

This is one of the most remarkable animal encounters I’ve ever seen! In the African jungle, conservationist Damian Aspinall searched for Kwibi, a lowland gorilla he hasn’t seen for 5 years.

Kwibi was hand reared by Damian at his Howletts Wild Animal Park in England. When he was five, Kwibi was released into the forests of Gabon, West Africa as part of conservation program to re-introduce gorillas back into the wild.

Another 5 years past and Damian went to visit Kwibi, who was now 10 years old. Kwibi had attacked the last two humans he had been in contact with, so Damian was uncertain how the animal would react when he saw him. After a few days of calling for him, Kwibi emerged from the forest. This is truly a unique reunion!

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