Man Approaches ‘Vicious’ Dog Chained For 10 Years To Free Him

This is the story of Rusty Diamond, a dog who was chained for over 10 years with no one to love until one day a stranger decided to help. Jared Piper noticed a dog chained up in a backyard all alone and out in the Arizona heat.

“Over the course of 3 years, I had never seen him off the chain, and I never saw anyone outside playing or interacting with him,” he explains. “Every time I saw him, he barked and snarled at me. He did NOT seem friendly.”

On one particular day, Jared decided to sit by the fence and wait for him to stop barking. He talked to the dog and told him everything would be okay. It took a little while for the dog to come over and approach but when he did he was calm.

Jared was very careful because he did not want to get bitten, but after a while he put his fingers through the fence to pet him and the dog welcomed his touch.

Jared noticed the dog was filthy and had flies crawling all over him. He also had visible tumors. Jared continued to visit and the dog really started to love it. Jared also grew quite attached to the dog. After this went on for a few weeks, he felt compelled to do something and one day the owner came out while he was with Rusty.

You’ll want to watch the video to see the rest of this incredible rescue story!

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