Man Saves Abandoned Baby Flying Squirrel He Finds On Sidewalk And Hand Rears Her

This is a wonderful story of a man who came to the rescue of a tiny creature in need. Not everyone would make the effort to take care of a baby squirrel, but this made did and shared his experience.

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A man rescued a baby southern flying squirrel that he found abandoned on a sidewalk. After several months of hand-rearing her, he decided to keep her.


He named her Biscuits and she befriended his two dogs. Redditor 3sgtejeff told DogHeirs, “She gets along great with the dogs. I introduced them right off the bat…so they knew she was some type of baby I was taking care of.”


“My little doxy/beagle mix would growl at the other dog if he got too close. They are both enamored with her. They don’t try to bite her at all, and she has no problem using them as a stepping stone to get where she needs to go.”


“I just watch them because my rescue chiweenie gets over excited sometimes and I just have to make sure he’s calm so he doesn’t smush her. Other than that, they love following her around and will watch her non-stop if she is jumping around.”


“I found her half dead, lying on the sidewalk in the Florida sun. I posted pictures on Reddit that day and had a bunch of ‘know it alls’ tell me she would die, because I am not an animal rehabber…Well Biscuits is about 3 months old now and is super awesome…and healthy. Her favorite food is pecans and she enjoys jumping on everything and terrorizing the dogs.”


3sgtejeff said when he first saved Biscuits he didn’t know if she would survive. “I honestly didn’t expect her to live through the first weekend.”


She needed around-the-clock care and feeding. “It definitely wasn”t easy. She was on me nearly 24/7 and needed food every 2 hours.” He fed her esbilac puppy formula and heavy cream.


Because she needed constant care he took her to work every day for 2 months. “During the day, she will travel with me anywhere and pretty much just sleep in my pocket. I’m trying to potty train her…but thankfully she doesn’t make too much of a mess.”


He said the flying squirrel has become quite attached to people. “If they are introduced to a lot of people when they are young they are friendly towards everyone…they bond very closely to the people who care for it.”


His dog Mayonnaise loved watching Biscuits. “He would watch her sleep for hours when she was teeny…he wouldn’t take his eyes off of her.”


She’s now big enough to play with his dogs. “Right now she is teasing the dogs running circles around the couch.”


Biscuits is staying with her adopted family for now. But should things change, 3sgtejeff said that he will respect the tiny squirrel’s wishes. “If that day comes and she gets tired of hanging out with dogs and a person, I will take the necessary steps to prep her for the real world.”

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