Man ‘Hijacks’ Amazon Prime Now App To Help The Homeless

One man decided to turn Amazon’s popular shopping app into a tool to help the homeless. Rob Bliss recently noticed there are many shopping apps that now promise to deliver you items within a few hours rather than a few days.

He also observed that many people pass by homeless people without bothering to help. Could Amazon Prime Now (for example) be repurposed in a way to help a homeless person in a convenient way that won’t take much of your time? He also wondered, would Amazon deliver an item to homeless person if they didn’t have an exact address. He decided to do an experiment and find out.

Before you know it, deliveries of long johns, socks, shoes and other items are being delivered to guys on the street. The homeless people getting the deliveries are amazed and blown away by getting the gifts. And it’s also heartwarming to see how nice the couriers were to the people too.

Just so you know, Rob was not sponsored or affiliated with Amazon in any way. Rob said he hopes that the company sees his video and realizes their potential to help enable giving.

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