Man Finds Smallest Bird Egg He Has Ever Seen And Brings It To Life

It’s not every person who can find a bird egg and nurture it until it hatches. This can be especially challenging if the eggs are tiny.

When A Chick Called Albert got a call about a nest that had fallen between some garden chairs, he went to investigate. The tiny bird’s nest had gotten destroyed.

At first he thought it was empty but when he opened it he saw the smallest pair of eggs he had ever seen.

What kind of bird would come from such small eggs? He decided to try and hatch the eggs by incubating them. He had no idea if there was something inside the eggs, but thought it was worth a try.

He also wondered if he would be able to raise the baby birds that would hatch from them.

The eggs needed to be turned three times a day to ensure proper development of the possible embryo. After four days he checked for a life. Using a light he could see nothing in one of the eggs. But in the other…yes!

Then, one morning he opened the incubator and one of the eggs had hatched!

He didn’t know what to feed the baby bird at first. But then he remembered he had roses with lice. (Probably the only time one would be grateful for that.) He fed the tiny bird some of them.

The chick was hungry every 10 minutes, and when the man ran out of lice the poor chick didn’t look like it was responding. But then he fed it some mosquitoes and it got better.

After two days the tiny chick had started to grow feathers, and a few days later, all his feathers.

Watch the remarkable hatching of this tiny bird with your friends and family and be sure to see how the bird looks when he’s all grown and ready to be freed!

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