Man And Canada Goose Forge An Unusual Friendship After Bird Abandoned As Baby

Mike Jivanjee rescued a gosling drowning in Lake Oswego in Oregon, he didn’t know he would be getting a lifelong friend. The baby Canada Goose had been abandoned by her mother, so Mike took the gosling home and planned to release her back into the wild when she was ready. But, as what happens with birds, Kyle imprinted on Mike and hasn’t left his side in two years.

At first, Mike tried to say goodbye. “I’ve tried to get rid of her, you know. I’ve driven her miles away and then left her in the middle of nowhere and when I come back she’s already home before me, so there’s not a lot we can do.”

The 10-pound goose really loves Mike. She even gets jealous. Mike tells Steve Hartman that “When girls come around and she senses they’re a threat, she lets them know. She’s smart enough to know actually who the threats are and who they aren’t.”

It may seem that Mike is hard on lovelorn Kyle, but the truth is he’s equally smitten. He and Kyle got on boat rides to give her exercise and he takes her on walks to town. It looks like the two are stuck with each other and that’s just the way they like it.

And there’s a heartwarming update about Kyle you’ll want to see.

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