Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Hospital Where His Owner Died Four Months Ago

For four months, a dog has been faithfully waiting outside a hospital where his owner died.

The dog, who has no name, has been waiting in front of the Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte hospital in Brazil, according to local media reports.

He first arrived at the hospital after chasing after the ambulance transporting his owner after the man had been stabbed. The 59-year-old homeless man had been involved in a street fight and later died from his injuries.

His loyal dog has been on look-out ever since says Brazil’s O Globo newspaper.

Staff at the hospital have been giving the dog food and water and eventually found him a place at a local animal kennel 2 miles away, who found the dog a home. But shortly after, the dog re-appeared at the hospital after escaping the kennels.

Although plans for the dog are not yet reported, we’re hoping the hospital will try again to find this loyal dog a deserving home.