92-Year-Old Widower Builds Pool For Neighborhood Kids So He Won’t Be So Lonely

Lonely after the death of his wife, a 94-year-old retired district court judge decided to do something that would not only help him but also benefit his neighbors. Keith Davison said his house has felt empty since his wife of 66 years died in April 2016. He knew he needed to do something to combat the loneliness he felt so he decided to fill his yard with children by installing a pool!

He built it in his backyard, and it wasn’t small either. The pool is 32 feet long and 9 feet deep under the diving board. Once it was done he invited everyone over. He told NBC affiliate KARE-11 “I knew they’d come. I’m not sitting by myself looking at the walls.”

The neighbors couldn’t believe he actually went through with his idea, but they are thrilled that he did. Davidson has one condition however, an adult must always be present with the kids who come by for a swim.

His pool addition, which is now fenced, is spreading joy throughout the community and even though he doesn’t have grandkids, he’s now “adopted” all the children in the neighborhood!

Watch the full story in the video below and share his sweet gesture with your family and friends.