Rescued Shiba Inu Melts Hearts With Her Adorable Squinty Smile

This Shiba Inu named Kinta has perfected what her humans call the “squinta” – a squint mixed with a smile. Kinta combines her squint with a Shiba’s trademark “airplane ears”. Shiba Inu owners will tell you that when a Shiba’s pointy ears lay flat on their head they are extremely happy and excited. It’s a little bit like a Boxer’s “wiggle bum”.

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Kinta didn’t always have reason to smile. When Kinta was around a year old, Michelle found her on top of a neighbor’s car in Owasso, Oklahoma. It was a mystery how she got there but she looked hungry and thirsty. Michelle took her to the vet where it was determined she was not microchipped.

After searching for Kinta’s unknown owners for several months, Kinta became part of Michelle’s family permanently. She’s now around 8 years old.

But when did the family first notice Kinta’s “squinta”? It started off as a guilty dog expression but when she got cuddles and hugs for it, she associated the squint with love and attention. So no wonder it has become a regular thing, and something Michelle is happy to share with the rest of the world.

Recently Kinta stole a cough drop (but didn’t eat it) and when called out for it, flashed her squinta.

Given the Internet’s obsession with Shiba Inus (and doge), Kinta’s happy face has won her many fans.

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