Men Rescue A King Snake Wrapped Up In Duct Tape

While working on construction of his home in Madisonville, Louisiana, this man came to the rescue of a snake caught in a sticky predicament.

“I am building a house in Madisonville and we stumbled upon this snake all wrapped up in duct tape,” said the man who shared the video. “I’m not a huge fan of snakes but this is a King snake. King snakes eat rodents, other snakes and they are pretty harmless to humans. Something I definitely wanted in my back yard. And on top of that, you could tell this guy was very distressed. So we cut him free and let him go.”

Good thing he had a friend help him out, because that snake was really stuck! This is a great reminder to clean up a work site and also keep your home clear of litter and garbage that animals can get stuck and hurt in!

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