Husky Adorably Argues He Is Innocent Of Stealing His Mom’s Tennis Shoe

Azlan the Husky had a lot to say when his human accuses him of stealing her tennis shoe.

Azlan’s human notices one of her tennis shoes has gone missing, and confronts her mischievous dog about it. She politely asks her husky to bring it back, but Azlan chooses to declare himself innocent.

He tries his best to convince mom that he’s innocent of any shoe crime he’s been accused of. He petulantly protests and tries to defend himself, but she stands her ground, at which point the Husky simply walks out of the room.

But a few seconds later, it appears the jig is up and Alzan gives in to his mom’s scrutiny in the most adorable way.

Watch Azlan’s “innocent until proven guilty” argument in the video below and share it with your friends!