Astonishing Photos Of Hummingbirds Are So Beautiful They Almost Don’t Look Real

Tracy Johnson has a number of feathered visitors that regularly come to her yard of her California home – hummingbirds – arrayed in a beautiful variety of colors and each with their own unique personalities. She’s taken to photographing them close up and also has them perching on her hand to drink from a tiny hand-held sugar-water feeder from which she takes amazing videos of the birds feeding.

The birds are so beautiful you might even be tempted to say the photos aren’t real. But they are and so are the birds. Tracy jokingly writes on her Instagram page, “The birds are REAL. If I could do animation I would animate tiny dragons landing on me instead of birds.”

Take a look at some of her wonderful photos below. Please allow a few seconds for these fantastic photos to load.

“Donatello, an immature male Annas Hummingbird, gave the other hummingbirds a stern talking to about flying too close to his flowers. Donatello has polka dotted feathers right now but when he becomes an adult his neck, face and head feathers will all fill in and become a fuchsia or red color.”

“Look at these amazing orange and pink feathers on this male Annas Hummingbird.”

“Here is an old photo of Merlin, the sweetest male rufous to ever visit the yard.”

Click on the “Play” button to watch the video of hummingbirds “eating from Tracy’s hands”.

“We had a new migratory visitor arrive at the feeders last night! It’s rare for us to see a Black Chinned Hummingbird.”

“Morgan (this little male Rufous Hummingbird) has become ridiculously good at avoiding contact with me…” But he has no problem perching on Tracy’s handheld bird feeder.

“This is my first time seeing a hummingbird with such a ragged tail! …[It appears this little female Rufous Hummingbird either had a close call with a predator or she had some sort of an injury to her tail. But because the rest of her feathers look fantastic there wasn’t any permanent damage done.”

“Lily, a female Annas Hummingbird, has no time for chit chat lately. She zooms to the feeder, then up into the palm trees to catch gnats, then to the lavender bushes to drink some more, then to an undisclosed location somewhere up and over the roof, around the yard and to who the heck knows where.”

“Some of the hummingbirds in the backyard are elegant, graceful, long-necked, slender, photogenic and poised… But, you guys, we can’t all look like models in the bird magazines…Some of us are curvy, height challenged, some of us have beaks that are curved, eyes that are different sizes, feathers that aren’t quite the color of the season. But, it’s those differences that make us so beautiful and unique. I present you with a bird who might never grace the cover of any of the bird magazines, but he graces the cover of my heart: a male Annas Hummingbird named Luke.”

“‘One day I’ll be a grown up male Annas hummingbird: and have a solid pink/red head and look like every other male…. But in the meantime: I’m unique and so beautiful and a one of a kind polka dotted Immature.’ I wish these guys could stay patchy forever. The red heads of the adults are flashy and gorgeous, but these little guys are so beautiful to me.”

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