Horse Adorably Teaches His Owner How To Play The Banjo Better

Heidi Rosanne Smith took her banjo down to the barn to play some music for her mustang, but he decided to show her how to play instead.

“This is my Twin Peaks mustang, Samson! I went to play some music for him because I thought he would like it and it would brighten his day,” Heidi wrote on Rumble. “He started bobbing his head and then reached over to teach me a lesson or two! He’s got both the pickin’ and the grinnin’ in the bag.”

The horse is thoroughly enjoying himself – bobbing and shaking his head along to the music. He then reaches over and starts to pick the string with his lip – how smart is that? It didn’t come as a surprise to Heidi who said, “I figured he would like it and he sure did!”

Surprisingly, it’s the first time he’s ever seen or heard a banjo, according to Heidi.