Homeless Dog Peppered With Porcupine Quills Given A Helping Hand

When Piney arrived at Vet Ranch he was homeless, scared, and full of quills! Piney started showing up at a lady’s house. The kind woman fed him but when he showed up peppered with porcupine quills she contacted the Vet Ranch for help. Piney had quills in his paws, face, nose and his tongue so he had not slept or eaten in several days!

Dr. Matt says dogs like Piney would quickly be euthanized at the pound, because they are not outgoing and friendly with people. In fact, Piney was reluctant to human touch at first. But in just a short time, it looks like Dr. Matt made a new friend and Piney’s tail was wagging happily when he headed home with his new family who intend to put in the effort to training him and making him a family dog!

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